Equipment building up in your IT room?

We purchase tech hardware at scale.

We do one time purchases, or bi-monthly pickups. We service most US metropolitan areas, and many major international hubs. Also, we are a certified B Corp. Ensuring the highest environmental stewardship standards, and many options to turn your unneeded hardware into reportable, positive community impact. Whatever your company priorities, we are the best option for your no longer needed technology hardware.

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27 Processing locations globally.

We can handle equipment from your offices around the globe. Since we work with preexisting partners we can easily expand to new locations and ensure you have the asset retirement protocol you need. Our goal is to help you turn your eCycle stream into a revenue generator.

What better solution?

Whatever your goals, you receive liquid capital for your equipment, meaning you can loop it right back into your company’s specific priorities. We specialize in working with IT teams and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to streamline their processes while providing a real bottomline impact for the company over all.

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reclaim 10-15% of your company tech spend!

  • Laptops and computers

  • Servers and racks

  • Data center equipment

  • Biotech/Medical equipment

  • Full liquidation "pick-up everything" services

Do you have any program in place to recapture the value in your unneeded gear?

Certified Data DEstruction • Responsible eWaste Disposal • Global Reach

How Relab works

Our method is simple. Relab gives you 60% FMV for all gear. We handle pickup logistics, compliance issues, and can provide extra incentives for ongoing programs. Do you have a few pieces of gear sitting around? Send it in. No commitment, no up front expenses, and no subscriptions.

Move your stuff

1. Onsite pick up or ship equipment in

We provide free Relab rolling cart or shipping labels for your unneeded IT equipment inside. A Relab specialist will pick it up on an ongoing schedule or a one off shipment. All logistics are handled by us, along with certified data destruction and responsible eWaste disposal. 

Monetize your equipment

2. Monetize old equipment

We reclaim liquid capital from your still market relevant equipment within 2 weeks, and safely dispose of everything else (according to E-Stewards, R2, or ISO 14001 standards.) We do all necessary erasure and provide certificates of data destruction (Zero Trace.)

Track your progress

3. Track company progress

Easily track all metrics and KPIs relevant to your program, including corporate social responsibility reports. Tons of e-waste diverted from landfill, total donation in dollars, and various other KPIs. Share your progress with the entire team.


Relab helps companies convert their tech waste into triple bottom line returns. 

Relab helps you make measurable impact. By simplifying the technology asset retirement process, we deliver financial and environmental impact metrics. But for companies leading in the CSR field, we have programs for impactful social benefit programs! 

Tax receipt and repeat

Use relab to Impact your community

The capital you raise can be used for any priority. In certain circumstances, Relab facilatates the donation a portion or all of the funds raised to a charity of your choice (186k raised so far!). You receive a tax deduction and Relab can help you facilitate publicizing the positive impact your org is having. This, along with environmental stewardship metrics, creates an ongoing and self contained way to turn your eCycling into real world impact!

Non-profit partners

Here are just a few of the non-profits helped by previous IT donations. Help us add more!

Some of our ongoing partners

Get smart and responsible about your eWaste disposal process. Join these companies and help make difference.




How much does RE-LAB CHARGE TO PICK UP equipment?

$325 for a pickup, or 15% over the cost of freight shipment. The cost of a pickup is easily covered by the value of unneeded gear.


How long is my commitment with RE-LAB?

There is NO commitment to using RE-LAB and you can cancel anytime. No hidden or subscription fees. Just use us as you need us. Try a free pilot program we know you are going to love it. 


Which locations does RE-LAB serve?

Relab is based in the Bay Area near San Francisco, CA. However, we can serve any US based company, including their international offices. 


Does Relab provide data destruction?

Yes, we offer a wide array of data destruction methods and certification through our primary partners at Zero Trace

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Whether you want to lower your carbon footprint, invest in the future of your community, or simply save money on your IT infrastructure, RE-LAB is here to help

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Bay Area IT professionals working to reduce corporate waste nationwide (and globally for established clients) . 

"YES, there is a better solution!" In many companies, especially technology companies, there is almost always unneeded tech hardware tucked in drawers, piled under desks and stuffed in IT cabinets. Isn't there a better solution or use for this equipment? Relab brings the expertise of working in, and with, many unique companies to create an answer to that question. If you just want a simple way to schedule a one time pick up, or you want an ongoing solution, Yes there is a better solution and its easier then you think.