Technology upcycling saves tech companies money

Monetize your aging, unneeded and end-of-life IT equipment

Instead of letting your old IT equipment collect dust, let us pick it up and turn it into value you can use for your priorities. We recover value from surplus equipment and safely dispose of everything else (E-Stewards, R2, and/or ISO 14001). We do necessary erasure and can provide certificates of data destruction (DoD, NIST, NSA).

We can handle all types of technology: smartphones, laptops, data center, A/V, and networking gear. Simple reoccurring pickups means you are constantly generating capital as your older gear becomes obsolete. Your management team, IT, and finance all get measurable benefits with a RE-LAB partnership.

Many of our partners use the value raised from their old equipment to support local non-profits. Learn more.


Monetize E-Waste and  technology

Why pay to dispose of your e-waste when you could get paid instead? We create custom solutions to inventory your gear, certify data destruction, do repairs, or part out equipment.

Apple Service, In Warranty, Out of Warranty. Cash for Laptops 

Apple Service–in warranty or out

We offer certified Apple service. We will honor in-warranty and complete out-of-warranty repairs. If your machines are totalled, we can salvage value from parts and optimize your return.


Cash / Bids for Used Networking gear, Servers, or Server Racks

full Decomissions 

We can decommission your entire facility. Full offices, server racks, and co-locations outside of the US. We will inventory and separate gear for your convenience. Get the maximum return on your equipment when you partner with us.


Contact us to schedule a next-day pickup and recoup value from your old equipment.