RE-LAB has affordable e-waste services

We combine e-waste, repair, and resale in a unified service

RE-LAB helps you mitigate the costs of responsible e-cycling. Use our services to recover the maximum value from your aging, unneeded, and end-of-life equipment. RE-LAB is a simple, single channel for all your unneeded technology. We can function seamlessly across many geographical regions, and your unneeded equipment can offset all the costs to create a cost neutral program. 

Many of our partners use the value raised from their old equipment to support local non-profits. Learn more.



Breaking down electronics for safe disposal can be complex. At RE-LAB we offer this service at very competitive rates—and on a global scale. We also offset your e-waste costs by recovering maximum value from your equipment.



We can provide warranty repairs on many major technology brands including Apple, Dell, and others. We offset the cost of repairs with the equipment you no longer need.



After safely disposing of your e-waste according to regulations (E-Stewards, R2, and/or ISO 14001) we will repair/recover value from your equipment and use the proceeds from sale to recover the maximum value from your tech.


Contact us to schedule a next-day pickup and recoup value from your old equipment.