YMCA and Relab!

Donate old laptops and phones now!

Have you ever wondered, “what should I do with this old phone?” or “There has to be a better answer for the gear collecting in the IT room.

This is that better option! Right now your tech gear can directly support one of the more impactful organizations in the Bay Area!

Urban Services YMCA is working to directly address systemic causes of poverty. Their impact spans job training, displacement, nutritional support, transportation and education. What better use of those working pieces of technology that are just sitting around?

We are making it easy for individuals to drop off gear at one of the 4 locations listed below. Companies automatically qualify for free pickups from Relab (request a pickup here!) We can get a truck to your Bay Area location in 24-48 hours in most cases.

All those little pieces really add up, so lets prove that the tech community really comes through when it counts!

This is an experimental program and Relab is committed to making it a successful push. Let’s make this happen Bay Area! Can’t do it without you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions.

All the Best
-Jordan H

* Drop off sites:
Urban Services Main Office: 1426 Fillmore St., Suite 204
Embarcadero YMCA: 169 Steuart St.
James Denman Middle School: 241 Oneida Ave.
OMI Family Resource Center: 103 Board St.,