Accepting All Data Center, Biotech, and IT Equipment


We can take equipment that's partially broken, in perfect shape, or ready to be parted out. The more its worth, the more you raise for non-profits of your choice. We also offer all related asset retirement services like responsible eCycle disposal, pick up logistics and certified data destruction. A true one stop shop for all technology asset retirements.

Global Reach and Knowledgable Specialists

Re-Lab delivers at scale. We are a separate business vertical built off the established logistics provider Northbay Networks. This gives us the full scope of world class logistics, while we are still free to focus on what we do best, getting our unique clients the most value from their surplus technology.

Generating Triple Bottom Line Returns

Using the value of unneeded tech, organizations can leverage RE-LAB to generate positive financial, environmental, and community impact outcomes. For all clients we ensure maximum financial returns and provide certificates of responsible eWaste handling. But in addition you also provide a donation to support a 501(c)(3) of your choice. Every org has unused technology and constant stream of end of life tech equipment. Most companies waste this value. So lets put it to best use. It's easy as a pre-labeled box or an onsite pickup. Contact us now to find out more about how it works.


The Value We Bring:

We Recover Significant Tech Spend

 High Impact Program For Corporate Social Responsibility Teams

✓Accepting IT, Medical, and BioTech Hardware

 Warranty Repairs for some Major Brands 

 100% Responsible and Compliant E-Waste Disposal

✓Turn Key Operation, Global Reach

✓Ongoing Partners Benefit From Expanded Monetization Options






Turning organizational wastage into community value is the fundamental goal of what we do. If you want to recapture some of your technology costs while fulfilling your organization's social responsibility goals, RE-LAB has proven success creating value from a sources often wasted, unneeded and broken technology. Started in October of 2016, RE-LAB and it's partners have used this pioneering service to raise significant value for not-for-profits across the country. Lets work together to improve your bottom line, and your community at the same time. Genuinely, everyone wins, no one looses, sound too good to be true? Let's talk details and we will show you.